4 Days In

Only four, let me repeat that FOUR days of stretching and light core exercises and I feel tremendously better.  My posture is better, my core strength is better, my FLEXIBILITY is BETTER! I don’t follow Drew Manning’s nutritional meals, mainly because this isn’t just a diet or a fad for me, it’s a lifestyle change and therefore it has to have sustainability for ME.  I love food and I love flavor, I don’t mind sacrificing fat and carbs (some carbs) but I do mind sacrificing flavor, so along with journey in weight loss and strength, it’s a journey into cooking healthier as well.   My husband loves it, I’ve rarely cooked or enjoyed cooking in the 5 years we’ve been married, and suddenly he gets a home cooked meals without high fat or having to pay 35.00 for a dinner for two.  I love his program and food diary but I’m just not into spinach shakes.

Are there mornings that I don’t want to do the exercises? Yes. Even at this early stage, there are moments I think, f*** I don’t feel like this.  Even during the exercises I feel like f*** I hate this one. But I push through it, we push through it and just get them done.  It doesn’t take a lot of time, it’s not like we’re working out for hours a day. It’s trivial compared to the rest of the day.  It’s perfect. It’s sustainable.

As the hubby and I are laying there stretching and doing core exercises, I realize, we’re bonding more, not that we don’t bond throughout the day, but  I find us starting to chat about random things, things that we may have let slide to the sidelines if we weren’t taking time to work out together.  Another reason why I love my awesomemest of awesome husband.


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