…and the journey begins

On my 39th birthday I decided that I wanted to be fitt”er” by 40, that summer my husband and I started working out with a trainer.  My trainer was an assigned one from 24hr fitness named Alberto. Alberto was a magnificent trainer for a variety of reasons.  Mostly, Alberto cared, he cared about his job, he cared about educating people about being healthy, he cared about explaining what the exercises he was teaching and how they affected your body, he cared about me, and that’s what made him great.  Whether I paid him for his advice or not, if he saw me in the gym his tips and advice came without a price tag.  Our arrangement was pretty simple, I would get with him once a month and he would give me a routine, show me the exercises, assign the reps and I would do all the work.  This was working really great. I felt a difference, a tremendous difference.  It worked for about 4 months, then a spiraling descent back into the same old habits occurred.  It was no one’s fault but my own.  Eating and reverting to bad habits was a creature comfort for me in dealing with stress and I welcomed that comfort with open arms and an open mouth.


Fast forward to last week…


At this point my husband and I transitioned to a new city for a new job.  In our apartment community we have a Trophy gym.  Trophy offers a one time personal training session and I decided to take advantage of it.  I manage to stave off the millions of excuses as to why I should just cancel my 7:00am appointment and I show up to meet with a very perky and personal trainer.  She took me through a slew of assessment exercises and had me do a circuit run twice.  She was very thorough and she explained that she could absolutely help me achieve my goal.  For the record, my goal is to lose 30 pounds of fat and gain at least 10 pounds of muscle by October.


I had no doubt that she had value and that should could bring value to my workouts.


However, what she wanted was for her clients to meet with her twice a week, she felt it wouldn’t be beneficial to meet less than that.  I left it at that, I didn’t ask her if she could do any other arrangement because in our session it became abundantly clear that this was her business and she needed to make sure she was going to get paid for her information and I understand that completely.  I get being paid for your value.  I understand that she’s put far more into what she does than I can even imagine, but, I couldn’t afford her.  That left me feeling a bit depressed about my goal to lose fat and gain muscle.  The more I thought about it, the more I wasn’t going to let that stop me.  I have a good education from Alberto.  He left me with a plethora of knowledge about what I needed to do to get there.  I just have to figure out how to develop a routine that’s right for me.  So I took action.  I know that I’m not the first person that couldn’t afford to pay a trainer but wanted to get in shape, so how did those people do it?  I jumped online and onto old faithful (Google).  I typed in “How to go from fat to fit”.  Someone has to have some tips…


Drew Manning


is what I found.  If you don’t know who Drew Manning is, he’s a personal trainer that has been fit his entire life, that decided to go from fit to fat to fit again.  While he is an inspiration, what’s more valuable to me is that he is documenting it all. From workouts for men and women, to menus and recipes.  It’s a plethora of information for FREE.  It’s meant to help people, just like me, that have the initiative and the drive and just need the information.  I just have to do the work and I have to ensure I’m doing the exercises correctly to not injure myself.

I’m ready.

Tomorrow morning begins the first day of his workout routines and I’m so ridiculously stoked!


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